Oct 29, 2016

How To Get All Your Favourite Music With A Single Tap

Posted by Rajendra Yadav
Gone are the days when phones used to come with really limited memory space and all you could store in them were just very few songs. But that is not the case now. The memory is highly expandable, up to 32 and 64 GB. But then, the amount of data and apps we store on our phone is also really huge. So, it’s not always feasible to store all our favourite songs on the phone. There are some apps available on the web which let you stream your favourite songs online without having to download each one of them. Here we have a list of some of the best apps which enable you to do so.

How To Get All Your Favourite Music With A Single Tap
How To Get All Your Favourite Music With A Single Tap


This is one of the most popular apps in this category. It has more than a million users. You can download this app from the Google play store. The features of this app are impeccable. It features the latest content from the movies, and you also listen to regional music. You can create your playlist and queue the songs whenever you want to. The songs classified by genres, and you can also listen to customised radio channels according to your favourite genre or artist. The app is free to use but only during the trial period which is generally about 30 days.


Next on our list is the Vidmate app. This app allows you to stream and download songs from a range of websites. The app features a list of the most popular sites in its homepage. You can click on the desired website to download your favourite songs. You can also save all your music and manage them according to your whims and choices. The additional benefits that come with using this app are that you can also download videos using this app, even from YouTube, a feature that most other video downloaders do not offer. The thing you are going to like most about this app, though, is that comes entirely free-of-cost, and there are not many ads and stuff.


areHungama is the only app available in this category which works on almost all platforms, even Blackberry and Windows phone. If using the paid pro version, all the songs you are listening to, automatically get the download for offline use as well. It also selects the songs to play according to the mood. The library is good, but the UI can be troublesome at times.


This is another great app with a vibrant UI. The app is quite easy to use and among the few apps which let you play the songs without gaps, i.e., the next song is preloaded and does not take the time to load. The library is gorgeous, and you can find most of what you are looking for.You may find some drawbacks like some playlists may be buggy and the app spams notifications.

That’s all on our list, and we are pretty sure at least one app from our list will suit you.

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  1. I'd love to use Spotify to get all the music, but here are so many of them as you mentioned, thanks.