Adidas Fit Smart – Fitness and Activity Monitor Wristband Review

Adidas is perhaps best known for its sneakers and apparel and is headquartered in Bavaria (Europe). It has been running for almost a hundred years! It is perhaps known to be the top sportswear manufacturer after Nike. Like any other major company that wants to keep up with fitness technology, Adidas has designed a smart watch called the “Adidas Fit Smart.”


Features and Specifications

  • Activity tracker
  • Heart rate monitor
  • Built-in accelerometer to track pace, distance and stride
  • Syncs data with Bluetooth smart on user’s smart phone
  • Compatible with iOS and Android 4.3+

Syncs wirelessly with miCoach train & run app

The first feature is the smart watch synchronizes with your phone via applications. It is iOS and Andriod compatible so you can download multiple applications such as the “Train and Run” or “miCoach.” The app “miCoach” helps provide guided coaching to help you stay motivated and on track. “miCoach” will help you train effectively and smarter with the data it collects so you can upload that to your computer or smart phone.

Built-in accelerometer

The second feature it has a built in accelerometer which means it can track activity with the three most popular workouts including running, jogging, and walking. The accelerometer keeps track of the stride rate, pace, distance, and speed of your workout. With continued use, you’ll be able to do targeted work outs and personalize the intensity of your workouts.

LED display

The third feature is and LED light across the side of the face of the watch which helps you monitor heart rate. If your heart rate is over your target heart rate, it will light up. Similarly, if your heart rate is under, the light will light up so you can train more effectively and smart. The watch will store up to 10 hours of data from your workout.

In conclusion, the “Adidas Fit Smart” is a very user friendly and practical device for the price. It is moderately priced compared to other smart watches. The functions of this smart watch are very accurate and useful compared to other smart watches and you probably won’t lose it with its 2 clasp system.