Fitness Tracker Review: LifeTrak Core C210 24-hour Fitness Tracker

Achieving an all-rounded fitness takes much more than just burning calories or the length of the distance walked. One needs a complete insight. The LifeTrak Core C210 24-hour Fitness Tracker gives you insight into a forgotten aspect of your health i.e. sleep. The device monitors your body activity all the time and monitors your sleeping habits with precision. The Core C210 comes with easy to use functions including a home screen which means you don’t need a computer or a Smartphone app to see your sleep chart. This helps you monitor your health more accurately.

Calorie Tracking

The LifeTrak Core C210 tracks calories burned in every particular day as well as the distance traveled and all your workouts. It then stores this data for up to seven days. This enables you to compare calories burned in different days which give you a clearer picture of your progress. The device is programmed to calculate calories burned by using heart rate readings, your body activity, and your individual personal statistics.

Sleep Quality Monitoring

The C210 monitors you all the time. You don’t have to set when you are going to sleep or when you will wake up. The device automatically recognizes when you fall asleep and when you wake up. It monitors the quality of your sleep by noting your motions while asleep, your arm posture. It also uses wrist-off detection. The data it collects will help you improve your sleeping habits for a better night’s rest.

Accurate measurement of ECG Heart Rate

The fitness tracker also enables you to gauge your effort by measuring your heart rate without using a chest strap. This is done by pressing and holding a button to see the ECG wave reference as well as a percentage of your maximum heart rate. While your current heart rate is being calculated, the device will also show your previous heart rate for comparison.


  • Waterproof
  • Year-long coin cell which is replaceable
  • Always on
  • Week-long data history storage
  • Hourly graphic visual display


You may find inaccurate step counting when you are not walking or running. But it’s not a problem for many users

In summary, the LifeTrak Core C210 24-hour Fitness Tracker is very convenient. It is also more comfortable than a regular wristwatch. If you want, you can even personalize your band as both interchangeable and reversible bands are sold separately. Since it is waterproof, you can take it with you everywhere you go even swimming. You don’t even have to use a Smartphone to view your data charts. By just glancing at your watch, you will be able to see all your information. What’s more, you can compare hourly, daily or even weekly data as all these classifications are offered.