Fitness Tracker Reviews: Fitbit Alta Fitness Tracker

So you’ve been using the health app on your i-phone and are getting annoyed at how it doesn’t record the things you’ve done when not carrying your phone with you? It’s time to get a tracker that’s easy to wear and has all those features that you’d expect from a good quality product. Let’s take a look the Fitbit Alta Fitness Tracker. It lets you track your steps, distance travelled, calories burned and minutes of activity. What more do you want?

Sleep monitor

You might not think you need to monitor your sleep, but users have reported being surprised at how much more (or less!) they had slept than they thought! This feature might make you review your bedtime rituals or eating habits, for a better night’s sleep. The silent vibrating alarm will be appreciated by you and your partner. No more noisy alarm bells or annoying tunes. And yes, it is strong enough to wake you up.

Battery life

This is a really important feature. Once it’s been charged up this tracker won’t need recharging for around five days and nights. That’s a whole lot of battery life! Who wants to have to charge their Fitbit up every night? Some of us have busy lives!


The simple, clear display also looks pretty stylish, which is always a plus for something you intend to wear throughout the day, every day. You’ll like the way you can personalize this Fitbit with interchangeable bands. These come in metal or leather, to create a look to suit every occasion. As well as the discreet metal band, there are some soft pastel shades of pink, green and purple and a particularly attractive blue.


  • Bright, easy-to-read OLED tap display
  • Long battery life
  • Silent vibrating alarm
  • Gives you reminders when you’ve been immobile for long periods
  • The Smart-Track feature automatically recognizes when you move around, so you don’t need to set it before starting to exercise


  • The interchangeable bands cost extra and are not cheap


Overall the Fitbit Alta Fitness Tracker is likely to sell well. It has everything we’d expect from this type of device, and then some! You might find you suddenly cannot get through the day with features such as sleep trend trackers and reminders to move about more which might actually help you develop better habits. The appearance is as discreet as you want it to be. It’s a pretty sound product overall.