Fitness Tracker Reviews: ROOCKE Wireless Fitness Pedometer Tracker

Your specific needs will help determine the right fitness tracker. But even so, the many brands in the market bearing different features make the line that separates good activity trackers from the bad quite blur. Most people tend to confuse a fitness tracker with a smartwatch despite the two being different. A smart watch may have fitness features but a fitness tracker gives priority to fitness functions. The ROOCKE Wireless Fitness Pedometer Tracker is a fitness tracker designed for healthy living while combining some smartwatch functions. The device adds convenience and flexibility to life making it easy for you to keep up with daily activities.

Perfect functions for everyday routine

Get to enjoy so much with this compact sized fitness tracker. ROOCKE wireless pedometer has the ability to tell when you are asleep and it tracks down the hours to give you the exact number. Even more exciting is its ability to know when you are deep asleep and when you are not. It also tracks how many steps you walk and the amount of calories burnt daily. This data is collected daily and presented on a graph. Other functions include Camera Remote Control, Find Your Phone, Sedentary Reminder, SMS & Calls Reminding, and Incoming Calls Show.

USB Connect

The front part of the device can be pulled away from the band so that it doubles up as a USB Stick. This makes charging it easy as you simply connect it to your computer’s USB port or any other USB device in order to charge the in-built battery.

Quality construction and materials

The ROOCKE tracking device is almost entirely made out of silicone which gives it a smooth feel for comfortable wear. The tracker’s design makes it easy to wear as it just tends to snap into place and thus do need to fumble around when wearing and removing the device. The construction is also of high quality and when combined with choice of material guarantees users durability.


  • It is user friendly and comfortable to wear thus adopting it into your lifestyle is easy
  • It is compatible with iOS 7.0 and above systems and Android 4.3 and above systems as well. It also works with Bluetooth 4.0.
  • It has a sleek compact design and is also waterproof


  • Does not work with Asus, TLC and Lenovo gadgets despite them having Android systems


The ROOCKE Wireless Fitness Pedometer Tracker is a worthy buy, especially when you consider the fact that it can double as a fitness tracker and a smartwatch. With the combination of the app Zeroner, you get access to all the functions the device has to offer without any difficulty.