Fitness Tracker Reviews: ShiNap Fitness Tracker Watch

Seeking a health- life balance with easy to use technology, the fitness tracker watch from ShiNap is convenience on your wrist. This device is a life changer in that it takes control of the life of the users making sure that they are able to maintain health life balance in all manner of ways. Most fitness watches offer great features that align well with the users. As such, the ShiNap fitness tracker watch is the smartest band of them all from its comfort to design and overall features, it stands out as a keeper.

Accurate fitness tracking

The watch has an inbuilt pedometer that tracks and records the distance covered, steps taken and calories burned on a daily basis. Adequately tracking fitness levels can improve the general confidence levels of the user. It encourages the user to always be on the move and burn some few calories as well. When tracking your activity levels, the watch will always remind you to be more active and act as an encourager on a daily basis.

Touch screen enabled

The smart watch is touch screen enabled for viewing of sms, emails and the calendar. This ensures that you can always be up to date without having to use your phone. When taking an activity such as running or jogging, it ensures that you are updated on whatever work or conversations that you had. This ensures that you are in sync with your activity levels as well as your life in general.

Long battery life

Having such a device requires one to always be connectedwith it. The smart watch provides for long charge durations of up to a week from just one charge. This makes the user worry less of the charge capabilities of the device. Being compatible with iOS, android and Bluetooth enabled device does not have any adverse effects on its charge. In fact, the battery consumption is on the bare minimum.


  • You can sync and share with your PC and Bluetooth to view daily progress and even share with friends
  • It is very light weight, comfortable to wear and waterproof keeping your data safe
  • Long battery life can last up to a week with one charge
  • It is adjustable to the different wrist sizes


  • Relies on its corresponding app “Zeroner” which must be downloaded from the app store


The ShiNap fitness tracker watch is a remarkable smart watch that encompasses every standard of tracking fitness levels while still complementing on design and cool features. Having such features which encourage sparks in confidence levels where the users generally feel a sense of accomplishment once they get used to the watch.