Fitness Tracker Reviews: Tushi Activity Tracker Wristband & Clip + Sleep Monitor

Tushi Activity Tracker Wristband & Clip + Sleep Monitor would be best described as a semi-smart device revolving around the lifestyle and health categories. Aside from some more standard features, it has a couple of proprietary apps for phones as well as a couple other tweaks which make it a relatively innovative, useful and convenient product. Let’s take a closer look at what it has to offer.

It’s Data Enabled

For the purposes of this product, Tushi came out with an app called ‘J-Style Health,’ compatible with both iPhone and Android, that users can take advantage of to use data through their wristbands. The app uses both Metric and Imperial measurements, based on user preference, making it easy to use universally.

It Has A Wide Array Of Features

This is where this product really shines. While physical activity is one of the more important aspects of being healthy, the health-conscious never really stop there – and so they shouldn’t. This particular health/lifestyle product actually encompasses everything found in a healthy lifestyle. It tracks activity (pedometer-style), counts calories, and measures sleep performance, which is pretty great for those looking to be healthy all round. It also allows users to set fitness goals and track them specifically.

It Helps You Keep On Track

While setting and tracking specific fitness goals is nice for keeping one motivated, Tushi took things a little further with this one. The ‘Silent Alarm’ is another proprietary feature by Tushi. The Silent Alarm wakes you up at a predetermined time and does so gradually, as opposed to a traditional alarm. It also has Activity Reminder, a feature which reminds you to push toward your goals.


It’s very versatile – this one product can replace several other products and apps. It’s also sleek-looking, light and comfortable.


If you have no need for a sleep-pattern tracker or a calorie counter and simply want an activity tracker, you’re going to be buying a lot of features you don’t need. You’re also going to miss out on a lot of features if you don’t have a smart phone with data.


I’d recommend the Tushi Activity Tracker Wristband & Clip + Sleep Monitor to those who have a hard time keeping track of their health in terms of exercise, sleep or calorie intake – or those who simply forget to do so. While it may not turn you from a couch potato to a Fortune 500 CEO, it’s certainly a great way to go about setting goals and reaching them.