Fitness Tracker Reviews: Xiaomi Mi Band 1S Smartband

When you’re on the path to better health and fitness, it can be difficult to monitor everything so that you know which changes you need to implement. Having a wearable fitness band to keep up with those things for you allows you to worry less about the statistics and more about what you should be doing. The Xiaomi Mi Band 1S Smartband monitors various things like heart rate, sleep quality and activity throughout the day. It also syncs easily with an app for analysis.

Features and Specifications

  • Utilizes US ADI military gravity sensor
  • Tracks user’s activity levels
  • Equipped with optical heart rate sensor to monitor heart rate
  • Sleep monitoring
  • Sync with the Mi Fit app so you can analyze your fitness and sleep quality
  • Support 9 languages (English, German, Chinese, Spanish, Russian, Polish, Portuguese, French, Turkish)

Monitors Heart Rate and Sleep Quality

Your heart rate can be a good indicator of the quality of exercise you’re getting. The Xiaomi MiBand keeps track of your heart rate throughout the day while at rest and during activities. It has real-time monitoring to show heart rate and records it daily. It also monitors your sleep which is often overlooked by many. Sleep quality is essential to achieving a healthy lifestyle and this band is a great way to find out if you’re having sleep issues so you can implement any changes if needed.

Monitors Activity Levels

The most popular usage of the Xiaomi wearable tracker is to keep up with your activity levels. You can set fitness goals and the band will allow you to see progress throughout the day. It can track the distance you’ve walked or ran along with calories that you’ve burned.

Syncs with App for Easy Analysis

This band syncs with an app on your smartphone so you can monitor progress throughout the day and change up things if needed. Knowing how far you’ve gone toward your daily activity target is a great motivation to move forward towards your goals. The band easily syncs with most newer devices through a Bluetooth connection.

A wearable fitness tracker like the Xiaomi Mi Band 1S Smartband allows you to keep track of activity, heart rate and sleep quality. You can easily see the results on your smartphone through an app. The unit provides a good opportunity to achieve the fitness and health goals you’ve been working toward by allowing you to constantly monitor progress and make any needed changes to your routine.