German Truck Simulator – PC Review

If you’re thinking, ‘this is UK Truck Simulator, in Germany’, you’d be right – but that doesn’t mean it’s anything less than another brilliant little simulator that is bound to absorb hours of your time – if you’re into trucks.

Another title from SCS Software, German Truck Simulator builds on the shell of UK Truck Simulator, keeping all of the gameplay elements – long-distance driving, building a company and buying new trucks – but improves almost everything else.

Rather than the roads of our fair country, German Truck Simulator sees you taking the wheel of a big rig in three areas of Germany, ranging from highlands to the fertile greenery of the Rhineland, steering cargos from A to B with as little trouble as possible.

Also, as SCS wanted to make it a little more intense this time, there’s a ticking clock involved – turn up late or cause too much damage and it’s on your head, and if you want to get ahead in the world of German Truck Simulator, you need the cash.

Once you graduate from dragging light loads around, you can invest in your own HQ, buy up some trucks (some of which are sponsored by MAN, which I’m reliably told is a make of truck) and set up your own business.

This is more difficult as you’d think as even the slightest driving violation can net a nasty fine, and keeping trucks on the road is expensive – watch those red lights.

With an improved graphics engine and easy control system, German Truck Simulator is a good game to pass the time.

If owning a trucking empire of your own is your dream, then definitely give it a look, as there’s a lot to enjoy here.

If, on the other hand, you’d rather spend you’re time crashing at 80mph into the German version of a Little Chef (Klein Chef?) then rest assured a lot of fun can be had in free-roam, and crashing at high-speed in German is just as much fun as crashing at high-speed in the UK (virtually).

Graphically the game has had a polish over its predecessor, and appears a lot more smooth in texture and draw distance, and once again you won’t need a nuclear-powered computer to run it.

The controls remain simple to use and easy to master, plus you can set the gear changes to automatic, so there won’t be any Top Gear moments: (“Change gear, change gear, change gear, murder a prostitute…”)

If you’re into trucking, liked UK truck simulator and want to broaden your horizons, then definitely give German Truck Simulator a look. It’s not a major step for the trucking genre, but it’s as much fun if it’s what you’re into.

10-4. Big rig out.

Score: 8/10