Toki Tori – PC Review

Originally released on the Game Boy Colour, developers Two Tribes have given Toki Tori a HD make over and released the game for PC users on Steam.

Essentially, the game has remained the same – you control a chick called Toki Tori, who is tasked with the job of finding his egg siblings. Why you have to do this is never explained – but it doesn’t matter because the game is so cute and charming, that once you find yourself working your way through the various levels you wont be able to stop playing it.

You have to guide Toki Tori through each level, and you can only progress to the next level once every captured egg has been collected and accounted for.

Within each level there are various obstacles to navigate round, and Toki is equipped a variety of tools to help him along the way.

These tools include the ability to build bridges from one platform to another, the power to teleport and he even comes equipped with an ice gun (aka, ‘Slug Sucker’) that will freeze the spiky little villains that are scattered through each level.

As you progress through the game further tools are introduced, including the instant rock builder and the ability to float around in a bubble during the underwater levels.

There are 80 levels spread over four different worlds to overcome, and each level can only be passed if you work out the correct order in which to collect the eggs.

The proceedings are also spruced up a bit with the limits that are placed on your tools. Should you use your bridge builder or your teleport in the wrong place at the wrong time you wont be able to complete the level, and Toki will find himself stuck.

Sometimes the solution is completely obvious, other times it’s not. However, knowing that there is a solution keeps you coming back for more.

It gives the game that classic feeling of “I’ll just give it one more go”, and nine times out of ten it usually pays off.

With each world featuring a unique environmental design, it’s good to see that the developers haven’t put all their eggs in one basket and, naturally, this brings a welcome sense of variety to the game.

The worlds vary from the natural earthy environments of Forest Falls to the haunting Creepy Castle levels. There is also the Slimy Sewer world and as mentioned earlier, the underwater Bubble Barrage levels

The game can be controlled by mouse, joypad or the cursor keys, and it is pretty easy to get to grips with.

I opted to use the mouse, and naturally this gives the Toki Tori a more “point and click” feel to it.

Clicking the left mouse button will move Toki to that point and pressing the scroll wheel down, will make Toki use whatever tool is selected. Holding the right mouse button scrolls across the level to see what’s in store – quite handy when starting a level.

Graphically, the game is pretty solid. It’s vibrant and colourful, with Two Tribes having done an outstanding job in giving the game its HD update.

The sound design is equally as impressive (presented in 5.1 surround I might add), but the game does suffer with it’s repetitive music. Thankfully this changes with each world that Toki encounters.

Ultimately, Toki Tori is a fun and entertaining puzzle game that is hard not to enjoy. Its charming presentation, along with its balanced level design, make it easily accessible to adults and children alike.

Verdict: 8 out of 10

The Good
Accessible fun for everyone
Pleasant graphics
Lots of puzzles to solve

The Bad
Music gets repetitive