Tow Truck Simulator – PC Review

No. Just No.

No. It’s not possible.

Who on Earth would ever want to play a game that lets you be a tow truck driver, driving around and picking up illegally-parked cars?


Ok, perhaps that’s a little harsh, but after suffering through a good play session of Tow Truck Simulator, you start to question your sanity.

In a word, this is utter pap.

Unlike UK Truck Simulator, which was at least half-decent, this game ranks pretty low on the ‘simulator scale’.

The controls are naff, there’s no tutorial, the missions are dull, the graphics are rubbish and the game only has one musical track – one song which is repeated time and time again as you drive around Generic-ville, a song that slowly drives you mad…

Speaking of driving you mad, why the populace of Generic-ville all feel the need to park badly eludes explanation, especially as this isn’t just parking on a double-yellow, this is parking on the pavement, on top of another car, or just leaving their cars in the middle of the street.

Once you find one of these wayward motors you have to use the crap control scheme to grapple and manoeuvre the vehicle on to your flatbed, a task made all the difficult without a tutorial, a manual or any common sense.

If by some miracle you manage to get the damn thing seated, you’ve then got to drive very carefully back to the depot, drop the car off, and head out again, following a quest arrow which doesn’t behave, and ften points at the floor, or at a point off in the distance which you can’t get to.

Graphically the game is abysmal. The textures are flat, the buildings are all smoked glass, there are no civilians and the inside of your cab looks like it was blown up and put back together.

The gameplay is also awful. With no mission structure or overall goal you spend your time repeating the same actions – finding, hooking and dragging cars around, with nothing more to do – it’s glacially boring.

So then it’s of little surprise that I got bored rather quickly and discovered that the game is a hell of a lot more fun if you don’t follow the rules.

Running red lights, throwing cars with the manipulator arm, piling the idiot motorists of Generic-land five-cars-high on the flatbed and driving along with a dangling car high in the air did make the game fun – for about five minutes.

Bottom line? Avoid, unless you’re a sadist…